Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I love tiny houses

Maybe it's because I, myself, am small—tiny, if you will. I'm five feet tall. Arms stretched out to my sides, I estimate that I am about five feet wide. In my tiny house fantasy, I live alone. Everything in the house is designed for me. Rarely would I need a stool to reach what I need. Doorknobs, cabinets, faucets, mirrors, the toilet—all at precisely the right height for me, and no one else.

I like this one by Tumbleweed Houses. It's 251 square feet. That's approximately 8 times the square footage of the guinea pig condo (not a cage!) that Mark built for Dom and Koko. Everything is big in suburbia.

My love of tiny houses extends beyond my physical stature. Who needs 2,500 square feet to heat, cool, and clean? But that's pretty much the minium size around here. I'd love to take a typical 1.5 acre lot and plop down a Loring. People would be baffled.

I'm waiting for Tumbleweed to post pictures of the inside. In the meantime I will decorate it in my mind.


Anonymous said...

These houses are great, but since I'm 6'1" probably not for me. Although I certainly don't want some huge thing with more space than sense. Love that arts and craft style though.

Colette said...

They look like dollhouses. They're adorable. But, I don't know where I would put all my stuff!

Great blog!

Liz Stone Abraham said...

6'1"! I wonder what that's like. I wear 3 inch wedges almost 24/7. Helps me look people in the eyes instead of the chest or neck. I also love the arts and crafts style. I would definitely paint my tiny house strong colors like those in the picture. No painted lady pastel stuff for me. And as for the stuff, Colette, yeah, that's a concern. But I love the idea of challenging myself to only keep what I really need. And there's always my parents' basement for the rest...