Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I may need to stop

paying attention to what other people are doing. At least, such close attention. Joining Facebook has been fun, but possibly not a good thing. It's essentially Googlestalking to the hundredth power. Friends and acquaintances and people whom I barely know or haven't heard of before offer up the details of their lives to the general public. As do I. We--or at least I--tailor the information that I provide to smooth out the edges and imbue every aspect of my life with more meaning that it really deserves.

Lately I find myself sitting down to write, but instead wandering off into the lives of others. Wondering if they are happier than I am, cooler, having more fun. Eventually concluding that they definitely are.

Then I go back to the draft I'm working on, and find that it has taken on a drab hue that I hadn't noticed before. I lose focus. I lose interest. I go back to Facebook, or into the kitchen for some frozen cookies, or off to play with my cat.

So maybe what I need is a No Facebook Day.

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