Friday, November 30, 2007

Become a tutor instead?

Before launching into my next great idea, I want to let it be known that one of these meds has increased my appetite dramatically. I do not like it. I eat a meal and then I'm hungry again ten minutes later. My overeating in the past has been furtive, recreational eating. Now, I'm hungry all the time. I got on the scale this morning and looked with one eye open and discovered that I have not yet gained weight. But it's got to happen, right? A person my size can't go on eating for three like this without packing on the pounds.

Several hours later: I just slept for about 2 and a half hours. I was up all night last night, unable to sleep. I spent much of the time wandering around Second Life trying figure out what the hell was so fun about it. I did find some pretty "places" and some animation balls that enabled my avatar to recline by waterfalls, under a tree reading a book, and in a beach chair by a calm, clear ocean. A few characters actually approached me, but the conversation was boring and never got very far. I've determined that to do anything fun in SL, you need to spend real money to buy Lindin dollars. To do unreal things.

At some point, maybe around 4am, I started getting into a sort of good but manic mood. I made coffee, started my day, did a bunch of work really fast, and then at 8am went to the dermatologist for my second visit in the three-month process required to start on Accutane. I came back home and did some more work, then went back out for a meeting about the children's fiction writing course that I'm volunteering to do again. Went shopping for food for the animals. Came back, ate yogurt with raspberries and banana, fed the animals, did a bit of work, then fell into a deep, dreamless sleep on the sofa. No lucid dreaming. Nothing.

Now I'm up and a client is waiting on an answer about something impossibly stupid yet requiring an answer, and my boss isn't getting back to me, and maybe he won't. And I care, but really, I don't care. It's just so unimportant. Except the part about getting a check.

Which brings me to the idea of becoming a tutor. There's a franchise in the area that supposedly hires tutors for such subjects as reading, writing, and study skills. I can do that, can't I? I know the difference between who and whom. I know what a participle is. I can create an outline and write a good paper based on it. I like kids. Don't I? It would mean something, wouldn't it?

I wonder how much it pays. I wonder if it pays more than bagging groceries at Stop N' Shop.

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